What shore excursion in Havana should my husband and I do with twin 1 year olds?

Question by Amanda Phillips

We just went to Havana for the first time last week so I will preface this answer in saying that since it's such a new port, and our first time there,  I do not have a lot of experience there.

I think which excursion you do will have a lot to do with what you think your twins can tolerate. We booked the Old Havana City Sightseeing tour. Our kids are older then yours so we opted to leave them on the ship as we knew that they would not have any interest in anything in Havana. That being said this tour was about 5 hours long and included 4 different stops where we were able get off the bus and walk around for a bit. The bus was Air Conditioned which is a plus in the heat. If your kids are good at sitting still, this might be a great option. 

We wanted to book the Havana by Classic Car tour, this seemed like fun and something so Havana. I did note while we were there, that most of the classic cars are convertibles and so if its sunny out, you would be getting lots of sun. That's just something else to keep in mind so make sure you bring lots of water for your little ones to drink no matter which excursion you do. We ended up having some time after our tour and just used a classic car taxi to take us around a little so if you wanted to do something like this on your own, that would probably be an option too.

There is also a tour called Easy Panoramic Havana. The description on the Royal Caribbean website say it also is travel in an Air Conditioned bus with a few stops along the way. Also the tour is only 4 hours long which might be a good option with the kids as it wouldn't involve too much time.

If you have any questions about the excursions, the shore excursion team on the ship can usually answer most of your questions and you can always book a different excursion if you change your mind and feel that what you booked won't work well with your kids.

One side note, I will say that we had to meet for our tour at 8 am on the ship. It took us about an hour and a half before the tour even started to gather in the Theater on the ship, disembark and go through Cuban Customs and Immigration and exchange money before we re-met with the excursion and boarded the tour bus. I would make sure you have a few things to entertain your toddlers during this time if they tend to get bored easily.

 If you want to read more about our day in Cuba, you can head over to Royal Caribbean Blog where my husband wrote all about our day. It will give you some more information about the tour that we took