What kind of walkie talkies should I get for our cruise?

Question by Heather

 We have never used walkie talkies on any of our cruises, so I can not recommend any thing in particular.

 A few things to keep in mind  with Walkie Talkies on cruise ships is that due to all the metal on the ship there is often a lot of interference. Also if there are lots of others onboard using the walkie talkies  it may be hard to find a frequency that works and you run the risk that anyone else on board can listen in on the frequency you are using. Also if you choose to use them make sure you are respectful of your surroundings and that you turn off walkie talkies while attending shows and during dinner.

Depending on your travel party size, there are lots of options for communication. Are you going to have meals together every day? Many families arrange times that  everyone will meet and discuss their plans so they have a general idea of where everyone will be. Bringing some sticky notes or putting a dry erase board in the cabin (if you are all in the same one) or on the outside of your door if you are not for notes is a great way to let anyone know about change of plans. Also you can leave messages on the stateroom phone.

Another question, will you be purchasing any internet packages while on your cruise? If you are going to have the internet you can use either iMessage if you have an iPhone or a messaging app if not everyone does not have an iPhone to communicate. This is what works best for our family. Our kids are too young to be by themselves anywhere on the ship. My Husband and I either communicate via text messages or if he knows I am in the room, he will just call the stateroom and we will arrange a meet up spot. This has worked well for us.

If you Google Walkie Talkies, you may be able to find people who have had good experiences with certain brands, but I have always seen mixed reviews on the topic.