What are the rules about bringing cokes, water, wine and liquor on board the ship?

Question by Leigh Snieps

Royal has several policies about what you are allowed to bring on board with you.

First, you are allowed to bring two 750 ml bottles of wine on board per stateroom. This must be done on boarding day and is not allowed if you purchase wine while in port.

As far as liquor, this is never allowed to be brought on board with you and if you are caught with it they will confiscate it.

As far as bringing soda and bottled water onboard, the technical policy is no it is not allowed. That being said Royal does not normally enforce this rule but be aware that could change at any time.

If you bring any wine, water or soda, we would recommend that you place it on your carry on luggage. Large amounts of liquid placed in checked luggage have the potential for being sent to the “naughty room” where you will be called down to claim your luggage after you have opened it to show what you have in your bag. Not a huge deal but it does take time.