Our daughter will be 15.5 months. How does warm milk at night work on the Oasis? I read your answers about storing cartons in our room, but what about warming them up, especially at night?

Question by Ritu Sharma

So there are a few different ways you can warm milk while on your trip.

 I will first say that  if you can get your child used to drinking cold milk, it will save you a step. Having two kids I know this can be tricky as it took my oldest a while to adjust to cold milk as she had always had her formula and milk served warm, where as my youngest we always gave it to her cold or at room temperature so it was never an issue.

 One option is to fill your sink with warm water and let the bottle sit in there to warm the milk. This is sometimes a pain as the sinks are not very deep and  the water does get hot but not boiling (clearly as that would not be safe) so it will take a little while longer to warm the bottle.

I have also seen people who recommend taking along a thermos that you can fill with hot water from either the Windjammer or Cafe Promenade. Then you can use that water to warm the bottle.

You can also order hot water from room service, but it may take them a while to bring it to you which is why many people recommend the thermos idea and then going to get it yourself.

Hope this information is helpful!