Kids eating at adventure ocean - are kids fed meals or have the option of eating while checked in at adventure ocean? Or do we need to feed them dinner before dropping them off?

Question by Ilene Feldmeier

 On most of our most recent sailing, there has been an option to sign the children up for kids dining where  as long as the kids are pre-registered before 4:45 pm they will take the kids to dinner and then keep them in Adventure Ocean until you pick them up that evening. On port days if your children stay on board they will also take them to lunch if they are there over the lunch period.

 During the normal Adventure Ocean sessions (9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm, and Late Night Party 10pm-2am) they do not have food. Their is usually a water fountain somewhere in Adventure Ocean where the kids can get a drink, but no others drinks are allowed. 

If you kids are just going for a normal session, you will need to feed them first, but the kids dining is a great option as well to give parents a break!