If my kids are in Adventure Ocean and they want to be picked up, how does the ship get in contact with me? If my baby is in the Royal Nursery and is fussy, etc., will they get in touch with me to let me know? I will be paying for an internet plan for my phone if that makes any difference.

Question by Kelly

Usually Adventure Ocean does not give out any phones or pagers unless there is extenuating circumstances. If you are worried, you can always call Adventure Ocean  and check on your child. We did this a few times the first few times we dropped my daughter off at Adventure Ocean.

 If you will also have a child who is using the Nursery it is easier for Adventure Ocean  to contact you as you are always given a phone or pager (depends on the ship) from the nursery. In my experience, and I have a lot of it, the wonderful crew members will do whatever they can first to try and calm your child down before they result to calling you. If your child is extra fussy and they just can not get them to calm down, they will give you a call.

If your youngest will be in the Nursery, you can let the Adventure Ocean staff know when you drop off  any of your older children and that way they will have access to the phone number if they need to get in contact with you.

The exceptions to all of this is if you choose to leave your children onboard while you get off the ship in a port of call, there is no way for Adventure Ocean or the Nursery to get in contact with you. Just something to keep in mind if this was something you were considering! I'm sure your kids will have a great time onboard!