How to get from airport or hotel in Port canaveral to the ship with an infant in a car seat.

Question by Justin

 Depending on the age and size of your infant, you may just want to bring your own car seat with you. If your child is still in a infant bucket car seat, it is probably easiest to bring that with you and then you can use any transportation option you choose.  If not there are a ton of affordable lightweight car seats available that would be easy to bring and you could store in your stateroom closet if needed. This will open up more transportation options for you as you can use any shuttle service, Uber or Lyft, or rent your own car which ever option works best for you and fits in your budget.

If you choose not to bring your own car seat, there are some shuttle services that will provide a car seat upon request. I can not give you any first hand experiences with these companies as we have always driven our own car to the cruise port, or had a friend drive us who had a car seat we could use. The companies I have seen others use were, Happy Limo, FL Tours,  Orlando Airport Town Car, and Mears. There are probably others, but it would be in your best interest to contact any company you wish to use and see what options they have available to you. I believe Uber XL will also provide car seats. If you choose to rent a car, they will also sometime have car seats available to rent.

In the end it comes down to your personal preference and which option is in your budget. Something that works for my family may not work for yours! Hope this helps!