How are the in room baby sitters? We have a 1 year old and 4 year old and think it would be easier to have them watched in our room at night vs the kids area. We understand the cost aspect of it.

Question by Ashley

 We used in room babysitting once about 5 years ago, so my experience with it is not recent. We also used in the in room babysitting with toddlers on a ship with no nursery, so we had no other options. We thought our sitters were great. They kids had no complaints about the time they spent with them though honestly they mostly just slept while the sitters were there.

That being said, I have heard many recent reports of people not being able to get in-room sitters recently. The sitters that come to your room (there will be 2 for safety purposes) are crew members who volunteer their spare time to watch the kids. There is no dedicated staff. That can mean that the sitters may not be available at the times you want or even on the days you wish to use them. This makes it very hard to plan if you are trying to schedule a meal or a show to go see with out the kids. I would head to guest services on the first day of your cruise to attempt to request in room sitters so that hopefully you will know early on if it is an option so you do not miss out on booking time in the nursery if it is not.

That being said our whole family LOVES the kids areas on board. Both my girls have spent lots of time in the Nursery with the amazing staff and have now both moved on to the amazing Adventure Ocean staff. My kids never want to leave the kids areas and are always pretty bummed if we come get them before all the other kids have left.  I hope this helps and if you have any specific questions about the nursery or Adventure Ocean let us know!