Hi, my kid will be 3 when we cruise, but he doesn’t speak English (only Portuguese). I’m worried he will not enjoy the Kids club because of the language. Any ideas?

Question by Tereza Raquel Simoes Matos

So to answer your question I feel this will depend a lot on your child. I always find it amazing how some kids can totally bond and play without even needing to speak the same language. There will definitely be times where it might be difficult for your child though being the only one who speaks a different language, especially if none of the Adventure Ocean Staff speaks that language as well. I have heard some people say that their children had no problem even though they didn’t speak English and others say their children went to the kids club once and never went back. I would recommend depending on the age of your child you sit them down and talk with them about it before, warn them so they don’t walk in totally unprepared, and you never know you may get lucky that there will be other children on board who also speak Portuguese and your child won't be  the only one.