Do they allow to bring brand new bottles of water in your suitcase? My daughter has issues with the flavor of natural water....

Question by Patricia

The formal answer to this is no, but they tend to look the other way if you a bring bottled water on board.

I will say that if you bring water onboard, your best bet as far as packing is to keep the pack together and do not put the individual bottles in your suitcase. The web site does mention that  Royal Caribbean does reserve the right to inspect the bottles to confirm their is not alcohol in the bottles. Most people I know who have brought bottled water on the ship in the past have just bought a case and put it in a cheap piece of luggage, (a duffel bag or tote bag that closes) put a luggage tag on it and have had no problems with it being delivered to their room. If it is in a cheap piece of luggage and it does not get delivered, it will be no real loss,  but it more than likely will not be an issue.